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Max WorkoutsWelcome to the workout tips section of the website. Here, you'll find information from individual muscle building exercises to fat burning workouts and more. Regardless of your fitness goals however, here are seven workout tips provided to keep you grounded in your pursuit of health and fitness.    


Workout Tips - 1:

Define your goals and commit to a plan of execution. As with any type of goal setting, it’s not enough to just say “I want to lose 20 lbs”. Goals must be clearly defined and more importantly, followed up on with a plan of execution and time frame for achievement. How about, “My goal is to lose 20 lbs and I plan to achieve this within five months by losing on average 1 pound per week”. 


Workouts Tips – 2: 

Commit to a realistic, consistent workout regimen. Most beginner bodybuilding / fitness enthusiasts make the mistake of jumping in too aggressively and then fizz out like a shooting star. Not only does too much too fast open the door to injury, it also leads to quick burn out. Would you brush your teeth for a month five times per day and then quit? Fitness, like proper oral care, is not a temporary or explosive cure – it’s forever. Grasp it, accept it and do it.  

Workout Tips – 3: Max Workouts

Commit to eating healthy food. Nutrition is more than 50% of the fitness equation. In fact, some would argue it’s as much as 80% of the equation. This can not be emphasized enough – you must implement this as part of your overall fitness strategy if you want to see results – lasting results. Not only is what you eat important, when and how much you eat are equally important. For more detail, visit our diet and nutrition section.  


Workout Tips - 4:

Make sure your workouts include weight lifting. It’s a fact that the more muscle you have the faster you burn fat. And, more lean body muscle means a more active lifestyle. Visit our workouts section to learn more.  



Workout Tips – 5:

Avoid plateaus by mixing it up. Your body quickly adapts to workout regimens and will hit a plateau if you don’t mix things up now and then. Try varying your workout routines regularly by doing different exercises for each body part or by alternating between muscle gaining workouts and fat burning workouts


Workout Tips – 6: 

Reward yourself for success. Remember, all work and no play is just plain boring. Why do what you do if you can’t cheat every now and then? Allow yourself to indulge occasionally for all your hard work. 


Workout Tips – 7: 

The emotional benefit. The last item here in workout tips is not a tip at all but rather an inspirational piece of content. We can’t emphasize enough the emotional and mental benefit you’ll receive from feeling good about yourself from what you accomplish through exercise and nutrition. If you allow it, this will be a life changing event. Just believe in you and trust you can.  


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