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What Are The Best Diets?

When assessing a variety of different approaches, learning what are the best diets will be something that you need to take the time to do. There's no question that there are literally hundreds of different diet plans to choose from, but only a handful will actually produce the desired results you're looking for and help keep you in good health .  

Some diets will produce weight loss results, but they'll do so while putting you at risk of nutritional deficiency due to how restrictive they are, so those are the main diets that you must make sure you stay away from.  

Let's take a look at the main types of diets out there so you can come to the conclusion of what are the best diets.  

Low Carb Diets  

The first type of diet that you might come across is the low carb diet. Low carb diets are extremely popular and many people are seeing fantastic results while using them. But, what you must remember about low carb diets is that the initial weight you do lose will likely be water, so don't get too overly excited if you see yourself drop five pounds the first week.  

If you were to come off the low carb diet that weight would be regained as you start to consume more carbs again.  

Once nice thing about low carb diets however, is that they are very good for controlling your hunger, so if you are someone who commonly feels hungry while dieting, they're likely a good approach for you to use.  

Just be sure you don't cut out all carbs if you plan to be active as you'll need them for energy purposes.  

High Carb/Low Fat Diets  

Next you have the high carb, low fat diet plans. Since you do have to reduce your calories from somewhere, if carbohydrate intake is staying high, that means fat intake has to come down.  

This type of diet tends to work best for those who are extremely active, working out at least once per day as they will require more carbs in order to maintain their energy levels.  

These diets can cause some individuals to be ravenous while using them though and could potentially make your food selections rather dry and boring. Fats do add plenty of flavor to your meals so if you're someone who gets bored of rice, breads, and whole grain cereals, this may not be the diet plan for you.  

If you're someone who can't get enough of those foods though, then these are the best diets to use.  

Very Low Calorie Diets  

Finally, the last of approaches to consider when answering the question - what are the best diets - are very low calorie diets.  

Now, these may be tempting as they will reduce your calorie intake quite low and promote fast weight loss but remember, they have a greater chance of slowing the metabolism and causing high levels of fatigue.  

Not only that but you will have to cut out a lot more food from your meal plan and some people will really struggle with this.  

But, if you're bound and determined to lose weight quickly, then this approach may work for you. Just be sure never to take your calorie level below 1000 calories if you're a woman or 1200 if you're a male as that will not be safe or sound.  

So there you have a few of the approaches to consider as you think about what are the best diets. The true best diet is the one that you're going to stick with and enjoy because at the end of the day, that is what will determine your results.