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Triceps Workout

If you're on a mission to 'get big guns', then the triceps are where you need to be placing most of your focus. Many guys who want to build bigger arm muscles make the mistake of focusing on their biceps, when in reality the triceps muscle makes up the largest part of the arm.  

By turning the focus towards the triceps muscle and maxing out its development, you will easily increase your overall arm mass.   

In order to get the triceps responding, you want to hit them from a variety of different angles, using both isolation exercises that zero in on this specific muscle only, as well as compound exercises that will work the triceps along with the chest muscle.  

This allows you to stimulate the muscle with a wide variety of different weight levels, thus seeing better overall results.  

Do this triceps workout at least twice per week – you may want to incorporate additional chest exercises as well.   

Exercise  Sets Reps Rest
 Bench Press 4 6 3 minutes
 Close Grip Bench Press 3 8 2 minutes
 Overhead Tricep Extension 3 10 1 minute
 Rope Tricep Press-Downs 2 12 30 seconds
 Tricep Dips 15-20 (or to exhaustion)