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The Diet Solution Program Review

The Diet Solution Program Review


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Company: Isabel De Los Rios   

Focus: Diet 

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The Diet Solution Program Author: Isabel De Los Rios  

 The Diet Solution Program Review

Welcome to The Diet Solution Program review.  Product reviews play a pivotal role in the way we make decisions and we take them seriously here at Lean Body Guru. Unfortunately, there are many review sites that publish superficial and even misleading information including other The Diet Solution Program review sites.The Diet Solution Program Review

We purchase, read and test every product we review on this website so you can rest assured that the information provided in The Diet Solution Program review is accurate and informative.

We hope you find The Diet Solution Program review helpful and informative and urge you to contact us if you have any additional questions about The Diet Solution Program.

The Diet Solution Program AuthorAuthor Bio :  Isabel De Los Rios is a very well-known certified nutritionist and personal trainer who has helped many of her own personal clients achieve great success with their fat loss goals.  After spending so much time one on one in the personal training environment, she then decided to release The Diet Solution Program so she could help more people in a shorter period of time.  She’s an expert at diet typing and helping clients not only learn proper eating strategies but more importantly, what the best strategy for their body is.  She’s a graduate from Rutgers University and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA certified).

The Diet Solution Program Website: The Diet Solution Program

Base Price: $47 

Fitness Level: The Diet Solution Program will work for anyone of any level because it is based on sound nutritional principles that can be carried on for life. The only individuals The Diet Solution Program may not be ideal for are those who are training for fitness or bodybuilding contests as nutrition for these super athletes require more intricate techniques in order to achieve that desired level of leanness. For 99% of the population who just want to look their best and feel great, it’s an approach you can easily use regardless of your fitness and skill level.   

Years in Business: Since 2007  

The Diet solution Top / Unique Features: 

One of the greatest unique features about The Diet Solution Program is how it considers the way your body reacts to various foods you eat.  This author feels strongly that what works well for one person may not work so well for another, and thus her program is completely individualized so that you aren’t using some generic one-size-fits-all diet approach.

Instead, you’ll be answering a series of detailed questions that considers how you feel and respond after eating various foods to determine what type of body you have and what method of eating will work best.

Once you apply these specific eating strategies detailed in The Diet Solution Program, you’ll find that the weight comes off much more easily than ever before because now you’re working with your body rather than against it.

What's Included With The Diet Solution Program: 

When purchase The Diet Solution program, you’ll receive:

·       69 pages of Done For You Meal Plans so there’s never any question about what you should be eating


·        Your Metabolic Type Test, which allows you to quickly determine the best types of foods to eat for your body


·       The Diet Solution Program Manual – a 99 page definitive guide to mastering your nutrition knowledge once and for all


·        The Diet Solution Program Quick Start Guide - a fast overview to get you started on the right foot immediately


·        The Recipe Guide – 98 pages of great tasting recipes that are fast and nutritiousThe Diet Solution Program


·        A grocery Shopping List to help you with your meal preparation


·        The Success Journal to help keep track of each milestone you complete


·        The Top 10 Most Common Nutrition Mistakes – learn what you must avoid for faster success


·         The Diet Solution Program, “14 Days to a Sexy Body”  bonus guide to kick start your fat loss goals

The Diet Solution Program Pro's: 

 Done for you meal plans take all the guesswork out of what to eat
 The Diet Solution Program manual is very comprehensive and even those who are quite knowledgeable about nutrition will still gain additional information from reading through it
 The book is not difficult to understand so even the most basic reader can comprehend the information
 The Diet Solution Program features everyday foods that are easy to get at your local grocery store
 The success journal will make staying on track much easier
 You can still eat out on the plan provided you use some smart planning
 The recipes in the guide are fast yet extremely flavourful so boredom shouldn’t be an issue


The Diet Solution Con's: 

 There isn’t a great deal of information provided in regards to exercise programs so this is something you’ll need to find elsewhere
 Those looking for a quick-fix may be disappointed as The Diet Solution Program is meant to be a long-term approach to healthy living
 Vegetarians may struggle with some meal plans (however others will accommodate to them)

The Diet Solution Program Guarantee: The Diet Solution Program Guarantee

You can feel completely confident ordering The Diet Solution Program as it comes with a full 60 day, money back guarantee.  If you aren’t happy with it for whatever reason, simply contact the author for a no-questions asked refund.  

Our Opinion

If you’re looking for lasting weight loss results that utilizes an easy-to-follow guide, then The Diet Solution Program comes highly The Diet Solution Program Reviewrecommended.  It’s very detailed and you’ll learn more than you ever imaged about how the body works and responds to various foods.

What’s more is that with this increased knowledge, you may find that you have no interest in putting some of the unhealthy foods you used to in your body, so that fact alone can make eating healthier a breeze.

All in all, this is a terrific program to consider and is one of our favorites. Keep in mind however, The Diet Solution Program does not come with a full workout plan but if it’s the right eating approach you’re really after, you can’t go wrong with this customized program.

The Diet Solution Program Review 


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