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Sports Supplements

Welcome to the sports supplements section of the website. If you’re involved in high intensity sports or would like to improve your performance in any activity that you do, you might want to consider looking into sports supplements.  

Getting a good training program to help you excel at your chosen sport will definitely be critical to success.  In addition to that, making sure that you feed your body only the most high-quality nutrients so that you can recover and generate new lean muscle mass is also something that will play a lead role in determining how you progress.  

But, beyond both of those elements, sports supplements are the next essential thing that you’ll want to factor in.  With so many different sports supplements available, regardless of whatever your particular training goal happens to be, you will see improvements when you use the right combination of ingredients.  

Let’s take a quick look at the different varieties of sports supplements for you to consider.  


The first type of sports supplements for performance and endurance enhancing are carbohydrates.  During those longer training sessions or games, getting in a steady supply of carbohydrates to the muscles will be imperative if you want to see maximum results in both your energy level as well as your recovery.  

Immediately after a workout is also a good time to take in some carbohydrates as these will help to get into the muscle cells and promote fully saturated muscle glycogen levels, so you can maintain your intensity at the next workout you do.  

Carbohydrate based sports supplements include dextrose, which is the fastest absorbing form of carbohydrate, maltodextrin, which tends to help you avoid a crash after absorption, as well as waxy maize, which is especially easy on the stomach and is very well-tolerated amongst all athletes and fitness enthusiasts.  

All of these carbohydrate sports supplements are going to easily blend right into water so you can have them on their own during the session or with your protein powder immediately after.  

For most athletes having a solid form of carbohydrates is simply not an option at these times, so these products solve that problem instantly.  


The second of the big sports supplements to consider is the stimulatory category.  This contains caffeine along with other central nervous system stimulants which can help to enhance your energy levels, alertness, reaction time, and speed.  

Using caffeine sports supplements prior to your workout or game can help you perform better and suffer less mental fatigue due to the high concentration that’s involved in your sport.  

Any of the stimulatory products will offer this benefit, so shop around and find the one that’s right for you.  

Pre-Workout Nitric Oxide  

Nitric oxide is one of the best pre-workout sports supplements to consider as it’s going to help to enhance the flow of blood to the muscle tissues, ensuring that they’re receiving a full supply of oxygen and nutrients as you go about your training session.  

When blood flow to the muscles is low, fatigue is much more likely as lactic acid will begin to accumulate within the cells.  In addition to this, nitric oxide will also give you a much more energized, ‘pumped’ up feeling, which helps most individuals stay on top of their game.  

As far as concentration and feeling ready to perform goes, you simply cannot go wrong with this product.  


Electrolytes are the next sports supplements to consider.  If you are involved in longer duration events such as endurance running or cycling or you just have games that go on longer than an hour, replacing lost electrolytes will be important so that you can maintain regular intense muscle contractions.  

Those who are just hydrating with water and who are losing too many electrolytes will often notice that they feel a lot weaker as they perform, and some may even start to feel light-headed.  

Electrolytes sports supplements are an easy way to ensure that your sodium and potassium stores stay precisely where they need to be so that you can feel your best at all times.  

Energy Bars/Drinks/Gels  

The last of the sports supplements you may want to consider as you continue your training are energy bars, drinks, and gels.  Each of these is slightly different from each other so you’ll want to experiment with a few options to see which works best for you.  

Energy drinks are excellent for those who can’t tolerate any solid form of food in their body during or after exercise and who are also looking for hydrating benefits as well.  

Energy bars are a nice option for those who do want solid food and find that the solid bar ‘sticks’ to them a lot better than a beverage does.  If you feel hungry halfway through your race, game, or session, that will definitely take away from your performance.  

You can also purchase energy bars that contain some protein in them as well, so this can help to supply the muscles with the essential amino acids they need to make a fast recovery.  

Finally, energy gels are ideal sports supplements for those who want a very fast acting form of carbohydrate and who cannot tolerate liquids because they get side cramps during exercise.  

Energy gels sit very well in the stomach and will provide the infusion of glucose that your muscles require in order to keep performing their best.  

Energy gels are also very convenient to keep on you if you’re doing marathon or triathlon training so you can stash them on you at all times for quick use.  

So there you have the primary sports supplements you might want to consider.  Keep in mind this really is just the tip of the iceberg and if you dive into each of these categories more thoroughly, along with some others, you’ll find a wide array of additional sports supplements that may prove to be very useful and bring you that much closer to your goals.