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Shoulders Workout

Building strong shoulders is what you need in order to add the finishing touches on your physique and will help you get that broad looking appearance, while minimizing the width of the waist.  

In addition, developed shoulder muscles really exude a look of strength and being fit, so they're definitely a muscle group you'll want to focus on sufficiently within your workouts. 

To develop strong shoulders, you'll want to focus on the main compound exercise, the shoulder press, along with some isolated movements that target each head of the shoulder, the front, side, and back. 

This ensures you're getting well rounded development and will prevent any strength imbalances. 

Perform the following shoulders workout at least twice per week using weights that fully challenges you. If you can hit the shoulders three times, allowing for one day of rest in between, that's even better. 

Keep in mind though that the shoulders will be worked whenever you're doing any bench pressing exercises, so for that reason make sure that you're either combining your shoulder and bench press work together, or allowing that day of rest in between sessions instead.

 Exercise Sets Reps Rest
 Barbell Shoulder Press 4 6 3 minutes
 Upright Rows 3 8 2 minutes
 Superset: Front Raise w/ Lateral Raise  2 10 1 minute
 Reverse Fly 2 12 1 minute