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Power Training Workout

If you're looking to increase power, whether it's just a goal that you want to achieve or because you participate in sports that require a high degree of power generation, this power training workout program will help you accomplish that goal.  

Developing power is a combination of moving through a weight lifting exercise with a faster tempo while still keeping the weight relatively heavy.  So, for the exercises in this power training workout, you're going to focus on using a tempo that speeds up the first part of the lift, while slowing down the second component to ensure your strength levels stay high. For example, if you're doing bench press, when pushing the weight up from your chest you want to exert as much energy as possible and push hard and then lower the weight with a slower tempo - using a count of three.

This power training workout will be very taxing on the CNS, so we’ve designed it as a full body program that should only be performed twice per week to prevent you from over training.

Take at least one day off between each power training workout to allow for proper recovery and try to adjust the weights so you achieve muscle failure by the last rep. 


Workout 1

 Exercise Sets  Reps Rest Tempo
 Bench Press 4 6 2 minutes 1-1-3
 Leg Press 4 6 2 minutes 1-1-3
 Barbell Row 4 6 2 minutes 1-1-3
 Bicep Curl 2 10 1 minute 2-1-2
 Tricep Extension 2 10 1 minute 2-1-2
 Upright Row 2 10 1 minute 2-1-2


 Workout 2

 Exercise Sets Reps Rest Tempo
 Incline Bench Press 4 6 2 minutes 1-1-3
 Deadlift 4 6 2 minutes 1-1-3
 Barbell Row 4 6 2 minutes 1-1-3
 Lunge 2 10 1 minute 2-1-2
 Lateral Raise 2 10 1 minute 2-1-2
 Decline Sit-Ups 2 15 30 seconds 2-1-2