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Office Lunch Fat Burner Plan

Having trouble getting to the gym? Don’t despair – your lunch hour is all you need to get fit with our Office Lunch Fat Burner Plan.  

A lunch hour workout not only allows you to squeeze in your exercise, it also provides a boost to your energy level and will help carry you through your afternoon.  

The following workouts can be done easily in the comfort of your own office using nothing but your own body weight and a resistance band. You can easily pick one of these up at your local fitness retailer.   

Alternate between the workouts below and take one day off between sessions. On your day off, you might want to get out and go for a brisk walk around your office building to get your cardio training in and burn off a few hundred calories – weather permitting. 


Workout 1  

 Exercise Sets Reps Rest
 Bodyweight Squats 3 12 45 seconds
 Push-Ups w/ Feet on a Chair 3 12 45 seconds
 Resistance Band Shoulder Press 3 12 45 seconds
 Standing Calf Raises  2 15 30 seconds
 Resistance Band Horizontal Rows 12 30 seconds
 Resistance Band "T" Raises 2 12 30 seconds
 Resistance Band Biceps Curl 2 12 30 seconds
 Lying Leg Raise 2 12 30 seconds


Workout 2 

 Exercise Sets Reps  Rest
 Bodyweight Stationary Lunges 3 12 45 seconds
 Resistance Band Chest Press 3 12 45 seconds
 Bodyweight Sumo Squats 3 12 45 seconds
 Resistance Band Bent Over Rows 3 12 45 seconds
 Resistance Band Tricep Extensions  2 15 30 seconds
 Resistance Band Reverse Fly's 2 15 30 seconds
Supermans 2 15 30 seconds
Reverse Crunch 2 15 30 seconds