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Muscle Building Supplements

Welcome to the muscle building supplements section of the website. If you’re on a mission to add more lean muscle mass to your body, it’s imperative that you implement a good workout and diet program. Without these two core elements, success will not be yours.  

You must apply that overloading stress to the body with the workouts that you’re doing and then after that, you need to back off to let them recover while feeding then the essential nutrients or ‘building blocks’ that they’ll use to regenerate that lean muscle mass.  

Once you have both of these elements in place, you might want to consider some muscle building supplements that will help take your results one step further.  

Keep in mind muscle building supplements will not work alone. If you want muscle gains, you need to workout, eat right and use the supplements to enhance your gains. If you’re doing this, you’ll get great results with better workouts and faster recovery.  

Let’s take a look at some of the more effective muscle building supplements available so you know what to add to your diet.  Remember that no supplement is absolutely necessary for success, but they will definitely help you maximize your progress.  

Protein Based Supplements  

The most well known type of muscle building supplements you’ll want to look into are protein based supplements.  This includes both protein powders and weight gainer products for those who really struggle to reach their ideal calorie intake goals.  

Protein powders are available in fast acting whey isolate form or slow-digesting casein form so whatever time you’re taking it during the day, these muscle building supplements will meet your nutritional goals.  

Weight gainers are nice since they are higher in calories and will contain a high quality protein combined with the carbohydrate and fat nutrients to create a well-balanced shake that provides the fuel for muscle growth.  

For anyone looking to build muscle, meeting your protein needs is mandatory so these muscle building supplements will definitely help you achieve your goals.  

Pre-Workout Supplements  

The next type of muscle building supplements you’ll want to consider are the pre-workout supplements.  These supplements include nitric oxide and often contain other ingredients such as caffeine or Green Tea extract to increase your alertness, focus, and energy levels.  

By using one of these muscle building supplements  30 minutes before the gym, you’ll be primed to give more effort total so you can push harder and build more muscle.  If you choose to use nitric oxide pre-workout, it’s also going to help to enhance the overall blood flow to the muscle cells, so will be great for boosting your muscular endurance and enhancing recovery after the session is completed.  


Glutamine is one of the next muscle building supplements that you can’t overlook.  This particular amino acid in the body plays a very important role in the recovery process.  Each time you go into the gym you are putting a high level of stress on your system and if you aren’t recovering from this, you’ll actually get weaker rather than stronger.  

Glutamine helps ensure your recovery system is working at top speed and that you can get back into the gym again sooner.  Remember that not only will you be stressing your body with your workouts in the gym but everyday lifestyle stress can also begin to wear on you and this could set you up for overtraining down the road.  


The next of the main muscle building supplements that you will want to be sure you don’t leave out of the picture is creatine.  Creatine is one of the most well-known muscle building supplements and is going to help you go that extra mile when you’re trying to squeeze out those last few reps.  

When performing weight lifting workouts, the body relies on the creatine-phosphate system as an energy source, where it derives ATP for fuel.  

Creatine phosphate is the precursor to ATP and when it runs out, so does your energy production.  This can quickly turn an intense workout into a lagging one, so it’s essential that you step into the gym with fully saturated creatine phosphate stores.  

That is precisely what creatine supplementation will do.  By using these muscle building supplements, you’ll become more resistant to fatigue during your workout and will be able to handle more overall work volume total.  

Hormone Boosters  

Finally, the last of the muscle building supplements to consider are the hormonal boosting products.  When trying to build muscle, two major hormones in the body, testosterone and growth hormone, are going to play a key role in your progress.  Those who have higher natural levels of these hormones will have an accelerated pace of muscle building, so this will certainly come in helpful in terms of the progress that you see.  

You can safely increase the natural levels of these two hormones with proper muscle building supplements. Tribulus and ZMA are two such products that will help to elevate testosterone levels for a higher rate of growth.  

HMB is the supplement to turn to if you’re looking to experience elevated rates of growth hormone release, which not only promote faster muscle synthesis but also help to speed up your recovery.  

There are also other things that you can be doing with your training and lifestyle to ensure that these hormones are maximized such as getting enough sleep, using shorter rest periods, and lifting heavy weight, but when you have the muscle building supplements on your side, the results won’t compare.  

So there you have the primary muscle building supplements that you should consider.  This is just a brief overview of the different types of products available so make sure that you look through each category to choose one that best meets your needs.  

We hope you found this section on muscle building supplements useful.