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Max Workouts Review


Max Workouts Review

Rating: Max Workouts Review

Company: Shin Ohtake  

Focus: Workout  

Delivery Method: Instant Download 

Max Workouts Author: Shin Ohtake  

Max Workouts Review

Thank you for reading our Max Workouts review. We purchase, read and sample every product reviewed on this website so you can feel confident that the information found on our Max Workouts review is accurate and straightforward.  Max Workouts Review

Many people rely on product reviews in helping them with their decision making process however, there are many review sites that contain inaccurate or misleading information including other Max Workouts review sites.  

We hope our Max Workouts review will be useful in your decision making process and urge you to contact us if you have any additional questioMax Workouts Authorns about Shine Ohtake’s Max Workouts.  

Author Bio:  Shin Ohtake is an athlete, coach, and professional trainer and has been working in the industry for the last twenty years.  He’s a former competitive athlete himself and is a qualified chiropractic soft tissue therapist which gives him a large background of understanding in regards to how the human body responds to various fitness protocols.  He’s seen hundreds of different workout techniques and has put together what he feels is truly effective when it comes to fat loss and building lean muscle mass with his Max Workouts program.  

With a doctorate degree in Anatomy and Physiology, Max Workouts is backed by research and has been proven to work time and time again.  

Max Workouts Website:  Max Workouts

Price: $39.95 

Fitness Level:  Max Workouts will work for both beginner and advanced level trainees as the workouts range in skill level and also include a wide variety of different formats to cater to various fitness preferences.  

Years in Business:  Since 2008  

Max Workouts Top / Unique Features: 

One of the most unique features about this program is that it’s been designed to work with any fitness level, regardless of whether you’re doing other athletic training or not.  While other programs typically require you to fully commit to that program only, this program can easily be integrated with other sports or activities that you may be doing, so you’ll never have to give up workouts that you enjoy.

What's Included With Max Workouts: 

When you sign up for the Max Workouts program, you’ll receive:  

·         90 days of carefully planned interval training and circuit training workouts to help melt fat quickly without leaving you feeling run down  


·         Step-by-step exercise instructions with photos so you can quickly learn how to perform each exercise called for in Max Workouts


·         40 functional exercises that will not only help to improve the way you look, but also enhance the way your body functions in everyday activities  

Max Workouts Products

·         A crunch-free abs routine to help you get flat abs without abdominal crunches 


·         Advanced exercise technique instructions so that you can challenge your body every step of the way  


·         A Lean Body Diet Guide that teaches you precisely how to eat for success  


·         The Ultimate Muscle Recovery Guide which provides key information regarding how to recover faster from each workout session 


·         A 30 day pass to his Members Only zone which includes an exercise video library, an online discussion forum, a personal online fitness journal, daily workout videos, and access to Shin for any help you may need  

Max Workouts Pro's: 

The workouts can be completed at the gym or in the comfort of your home
Max Workouts caters to all fitness levels so will not only help beginners get started, but also help advanced trainees get to the next level with their training
Provides full dynamic warm-ups to help prevent injuries while doing the workout sessions
You pick and choose which combination of workouts you want to do
Teaches you the right way to measure your progress so you can make sure you’re moving forward
The variety of exercises Max Workouts provides helps prevent plateaus and helps to avoid frustration as you strive to reach your goals
You’ll learn key injury prevention and recovery techniques to make sure you don’t face any hurdles with your training


Max Workouts Con's: 

Some people may find the workouts to be a little intense when first starting
While a diet guide is provided, it’s not as thorough as some other products on the market
Those who are looking to build up serious strength and muscle may be better off looking into more bodybuilding oriented workouts


Max Workouts Guarantee:  Max Workouts Guarantee

Unlike most programs that offer a 60 day money back guarantee, Max Workouts takes it one step further and will allow you to test out his program for 90 days and still qualify for a refund if you’re not satisfied.  

Our Opinion: 

Max Workouts is designed to constantly change the focus of the workout session to keep your body guessing and prevent stagnation or plateaus. If you’re looking to shake up your current workout program and like as much variety as possible, you’ll Max Workouts Reviewdefinitely enjoy the Max Workouts program.   

Max Workouts keeps adapting, growing stronger and burning fat at the same time. Intensity has been proven to be the key factor that promotes rapid fat loss results in the body and this workout definitely has intensity covered.  

Due to their intensity, Many of Max Workouts exercise sessions are quite short making it a very attractive option to those who have hectic schedules and are unable to fit in hours of gym time each week.  

Bottom line, if your goal is to develop a lean, muscular physique and healthy cardiovascular system, are limited with the amount of time you can commit to exercise and are willing to try new things, Max Workouts will be a good choice for you. If your goal leans more towards packing on lean muscle mass, you may want to consider other programs geared more towards that end. 


Max Workouts Review


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