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Leg Workout

A good leg workout can be intense and often times, beginner bodybuilders in particular tend to skip them. Incorporating leg workouts as part of your regular workout program is important for several reasons: 1) your legs are the foundation of your body; 2) if you’re involved with other sports and activities, having strong legs will be incredibly important so a regular strength training routine will really help you out and 3) leg training is also going to evoke a large hormonal response in the body and this will help to increase your metabolism and allow further muscle growth and development throughout the rest of the body.  

Simply put, the legs cannot be skipped.  

Since a leg workout is much more demanding, you will be doing fewer exercises per leg training day as each set you complete will be quite draining.  

Here are two different leg workout protocols. Alternate your leg workout between the two training sessions throughout the week so you're hitting them twice per week and of course, make sure you take a day or two of rest in between.  

Workout 1

 Exercise Sets Reps Rest
 Squat 5 5 3 minutes
 Lunge 3 8 2 minutes
 Leg Extension 2 12 1 minute
 Hamstring Curl 2 12 1 minute
 Seated Calf Raise  2 12 30 seconds


 Workout 2

 Exercise Sets Reps Rest
 Dead Lift 5 5 3 minutes
 Leg Press 4 8 2 minutes
 Step Ups 3 10 2 minutes
 Standing Calf Raises 3 15 30 seconds