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How To Lose Weight In 3 Weeks

Learning how to lose weight in 3 weeks is a great approach to take to your fat loss journey because this gives you plenty of time to accomplish some serious results without feeling overly pressured to see rapid success.  

Those who set the goal to lose a lot of weight in just a week or two are going to be that much more likely to resort to crash diets to make this happen so by looking at how to lose weight in 3 weeks you're going to be that much better off.  

Let's look at the steps that you should take prior to getting started so that you can figure out a game plan for exactly how to lose weight in 3 weeks.  

Set Some Specific Goals  

The very first thing that you'll want to do in your journey to see how to lose weight in 3 weeks is to make sure that you have some specific goals set.  This means rather than just setting the goal to lose weight, you set a specific number of pounds to lose, or better yet, decide on a certain percentage of body fat that you want to aim to get down to.  

This will help you clearly focus on that end goal throughout the three week period and make sure that you're always moving forward.  

Plan Out Your Meals 

Second, the next step for how to lose weight in 3 weeks is to make sure that you take the time to plan out your diet.  Ideally you should come up with a game plan for all three weeks at once, that way there will never be a question as to what you should have next.  

If you don't want to take the time to do the full 3 week planning however, that's fine but make sure at the very least you are planning one week in advance.  This will really increase your success rate and decrease the chances that you cheat on your plan. Check out Lean Body Guru’s weight loss meal plans in our Nutrition section. 

Get Workouts In Order  

Another must-do is to get your workouts in order.  Since three weeks is a longer period of time this will give you plenty of room to make some good progression on your strength and cardiovascular program.  

Make sure that you set the workouts up so that you progress as you go through them, with them getting harder and harder each time.  

By the end of the three week period you should be able to lift more weight on each strength training exercise you do and also find that you can workout at a faster pace with any cardio training that you're doing. See these workouts from Lean Body Guru. 

Plan For Rest  

Finally, the last thing that you must do as you question how to lose weight in 3 weeks and develop the game plan for success is to plan for some rest as well.  

While it is important that you're constantly working hard in the gym, it's going to be just as important that you are planning recovery time in there as well as this will be key to making sure that you don't get burned out and injured.  

Rest is when the body will be growing back stronger than it was before, so is the real time that you're making your progress.  

So there you have the top things that you should be doing as you look at the question of how to lose weight in three weeks. If you can get your three week plan all figured out, in less than one month you'll see noticeable changes in your physique.