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Female Beginner Muscle Toning Workout

If your goal is to tone and firm up your body, this female beginner muscle toning workout is just what you need. This workout is designed to be fast paced, to challenge each muscle group in the body and will help to increase your metabolism so that you can shed any excess fat that's been troubling you.  

The female beginner muscle toning workout is to be completed in circuit training fashion where you perform one exercise immediately after the next, taking as little rest in between exercises as possible.  Try and complete 15 reps of each exercise total and perform the circuit two or three times per workout.  

If you get highly fatigued however and need to rest, allow yourself 30-40 seconds before continuing. You still want to be lifting a weight that fully challenges you so don't let a build-up of fatigue prevent this.  

Best of all, this female beginner muscle toning workout will target all those stubborn areas on your body that seem to pose a problem regardless of what you do.  

Alternate between workout A and B and take one or two days off between sessions. In addition, try to get 2-3 cardio workouts in per week, alternating one minute of higher intensity exercise with one minute of lower intensity exercise for 20-30 minutes total. 

Workout A 

 Bodyweight Squats
 Walking Lunges
 Dumbbell Shoulder Press
 Plank Exercise
 Dumbbell Bent Over Rows
 Dumbbell Step-Ups
 Dumbbell Bicep Curls
 Dumbbell Overhead Extensions
 Lying Leg Raise



Workout B 

 Sumo Squats
 Triangle Push-Ups
 Single Leg Split Squats
 Lateral To Front Raises
 Side Plank Exercise
 Single Arm Dumbbell Rows (both sides)
 Dumbbell Dead Lifts
 Dumbbell Hammer Curls
 Dumbbell Upright Rows
 Crunches On Exercise Ball