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Female Advanced Bodybuilding Workout

Looking to take your bodybuilding regimen to the next level? If so, our female advanced bodybuilding workout is for you.  

This workout is going to challenge your muscles in new ways and will ensure that you continually see results from your workout sessions.  

We've added some advanced techniques including supersets and tri-sets, which takes two or three different exercises and stacks them back to back. This technique increases your metabolic rate from the workout, which will allow you to burn fat faster and further define and tone your body.  

The female advanced bodybuilding workout program is still a full body workout, which allows you to save time during the week as you only need to hit the gym three days total. Make sure to take one day off in between workouts to give your body a chance to rest and recover.  

Don't be afraid to lift heavy weight while doing these exercises – heavy weight will not make you big and bulky but rather will help to enhance your muscle tone while adding curves in all the right places.  

Workout 1 

 Exercise Sets Reps Rest
 Squats 3 8 2 minutes
 Chest Press 3 8 2 minutes
 Dumbbell Rows 3 10 2 minutes
 Superset: Shoulder Press w/ Lunges 2 10 1 minute
 Tri-Set: Bicep Curl, Triceps Extension, Lateral Raise 2 12 1 minute
 Superset: Leg Extension w/ Leg Curl 2 12 1 minute
Superset: Hanging Leg Raise w/ Prone Ball Roll-In  2 12 30 seconds


Workout 2 

Exercise  Sets Reps Rest
 Dead Lifts 3 8 2 minutes
 Incline Chest Press 3 8 2 minutes
 Superset: Horizontal Rows w/ Chest Press 3 10 2 minutes
 Pull-Ups (using machine if needed) 2 10 1 minute
 Tri-Set: Hammer Curl, Tricep Dips, Front Raise  2 12 1 minute
 Walking Lunges 2 12 1 minute
 Superset: Exercise Ball Crunches w/ Supermans 2 12 30 seconds


Workout 3 

 Exercise Sets Reps Rest
 Leg Press 3 8 2 minutes
 Bench Press 3 8 2 minutes
 Renegade Rows 3 10 2 minutes
 Superset: Split Squats w/ Shoulder Press 2 10 1 minute
 Tri-Set: Bicep Curl, Triangle Push-Ups, Reverse Fly 2 12 1 minute
 Sumo Squats 2 12 1 minute
 Superset: Bicycle w/ Plank 2 12 30 seconds