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Fat Loss Bodybuilding

Max workoutsIf you've just spent time building up lean muscle mass and are now looking to get shredded to reveal your defined physique, it’s important to be aware of the top fat loss body building tips that you must be following.

Many people often make grave errors when going about fat loss body building that causes them to lose much of this hard earned muscle, hence they never see the progress that they're looking for.

Instead, they almost make a complete circle, ending up looking much the same as they did when they very first started.

Fortunately, with the following fat loss body building tips, you can make sure that you get off on the right track and lose fat, not muscle.

Here's what you need to know.


Decrease Calories Gradually 

The worst thing that you could do as you go about fat loss body building is to significantly cut your calories right away. Many people make the mistake of going from a 4000 calorie per day intake down to a 2000 calorie per day intake and then wonder why their body begins shedding lean muscle mass.

Remember, your body does not react well to the extremist approaches, so you'll want to move down to a fat loss calorie intake gradually.

Aim to decrease your calories by about 300-500 calories every 3-4 days until you reach your target intake. That will ensure you're losing fat, not muscle.

Add Cardio Training Slowly  

Second, our next tip when it comes to fat loss body building is to also make sure you add in cardio training slowly.  Again here, the common approach is to go from no cardio at all, to six days a week of it, doing one hour sessions per time.

That's going to be a big no-no as far as your muscle mass retention rates go. If you want to maintain lean muscle, add 30 minutes of cardio to your week at a time.  Remember that fat loss is more of a function of diet than anything as well, so if you want to make changes since you're not seeing the fat loss you desire, look to your diet first before adding more cardio in.

Pump Up The Protein  

The next thing that you can do during fat loss body building phases to help you maintain your lean muscle mass and burn fat faster is to increase your protein intake.

Anyone who is on a strict diet for fat loss should be taking in one and a half grams of protein per day. If you do this, you can rest assured that you'll be supplying enough to your muscle cells so they won't get burned up for fuel.

Make sure to focus on lean protein sources as well, which will help you keep your calorie intake on target.

Keep The Weight Heavy  

Finally, the last must-do when doing a fat loss body building phase is to make sure that you're keeping the weight heavy at all times.

If at any point you start to lighten up on the weight, it will signal to your body that it doesn't need to maintain as much muscle mass as it isn't being put to use.

Always aim to keep the weight the same as it was when you were muscle building. If you start noticing it dropping, that's a sign you're either taking in too few calories or performing too much volume with your workout program.

Make a few changes so you can keep the weight heavy.

So there are the main things that you must remember as you go about fat loss body building. If you utilize all of these points, you will be happy with your end results.