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Tips That Increase Fat Burning For Men

If you're a male looking to get ripped and shed body, it's vital that you know a few essential fat burning for men tips that will help you take your progress to the next level. 

Far too many people approach this task in a very poor manner, cutting way back on their calories and adding far too much physical activity.  This is only going to result in the loss of lean muscle mass, which is clearly one of the top things that most men dread.

Instead, if you can use the following fat burning for men tips, you’ll be sure to prevent the loss of lean muscle and instead, uncoveFat burngin for menr the chiselled body that you're after.

Pump Up Your Protein  

The first of the fat burning for men tips to remember is to make sure that you're taking in enough protein each day. If there's one thing that's going to prevent you from losing lean muscle mass, sufficient protein is it.

Your protein needs will actually go up when on a fat loss diet because there's a higher chance your body will start utilizing incoming protein as a fuel source. Make sure you take in at least one and a half grams per pound each day as anything less than this and you could be asking for trouble. If you’re having trouble getting enough protein each day, check out our protein supplements in our muscle building supplements section.

Post-Workout Is A Must  

Moving on, the next thing to look at is your post-workout nutrition. If you're not fueling your body properly after you finish a workout, you're depriving it of the essential nutrients it needs.  Aim to take in both protein and carbs during this time, while keeping total dietary fat to a minimum.

Dietary fat will only slow down the digestion process, which is precisely what you want to avoid right now.

Lift Heavy As Usual  

Looking at the weight lifting side of the equation, one important fat burning for men tip to remember is to keep your weight lifting as heavy as possible. One key mistake some men make is lowering the weight and moving into the high rep range.

Avoid this at all costs. The primary thing that's going to signal to your body that it must maintain lean muscle is if you're lifting a heavy load, so don't ease up. If you have to cut back on the volume, that's fine just make sure the weight lifted stays constant.

Lifting a heavy weight will also burn just as many calories as that light-weight, high rep lifting protocol does, so don't think it'll hold you back from seeing the fat loss you're after. Check out our Get Ripped Workouts for sample workout routines.

Sprint But Keep It Short  

Finally, for the cardio training element of your workouts, aim to perform high intensity sprints since these will boost the metabolism the greatest, but keep them on the shorter side.

20-30 second sprints repeated five to six times will be sufficient when looking to lose fat. If you do more than this, you may start to over-train your body and that in itself can also bring about lean muscle mass loss.

So there you have the key fat burning for men tips that you must remember. Were you missing out on any of these with your approach? If so, it's time to make a few adjustments in your program so you can be on your way to results. 

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