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Burn The Fat Review

 Burn The Fat Review

 Rating: Burn The Fat Review

Company: Burn The Fat Publishing  

Focus: Diet and Workout 

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Burn The Fat Author: Tom Venuto 

Burn The Fat Review 

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Author Bio: The author of Burn The Fat, Tom Venunto, is a 7 time Mr. Natural Bodybuilding Champion who knows precisely what it takes to permanently change your body. There’s no question that competing in professional bodybuilding contests is perhaps the pinnacle of fitness and it takes an astonishing level of commitment, perseverance, and dedication. After going through this process, Tom decided to put all the information, tips, and tricks he’s gained into his best selling book, Burn The Fat, so others could benefit and completely transform their bodies. He’s been working as a personal trainer for over 20 years and has published over 400 articles in various newsstand magazines.  

Burn The Fat Website:  Burn The Fat

Base Price:  $39.95 

Fitness Level:  Burn The Fat will work for people of any fitness level; however it is more specifically tailored to those who have some background in exercise and fitness. You don’t have to be a fitness all-star, but having some experience with exercise in the past is a definite advantage. Those who have more experience with working out will truly benefit from some of the advanced principles Tom discusses in his book, Burn The Fat. While Burn The Fat is written by a bodybuilder, don’t let this deter you. This program is not just for bodybuilders (although they can use it), but rather for the average individual looking to transform their body.

Years in Business:  Since 2002

Burn The Fat Top / Unique Features: 

One of the most unique features about Burn The Fat is that it’s not just a fat loss program or a muscle building program. Rather, you learn how to build muscle and burn fat – a process that very few programs can ever accomplish.

Because the author has competed at such high levels in professional bodybuilding, he’s learned very intricate strategies that will get the body to build muscle and at the same time burn fat and in his book, Burn The Fat, these advanced methods are revealed.

Other bodybuilding programs typically have you bulk up then cycle in fat loss phases, but with Burn The Fat, you get them both accomplished at once, thus saving time in the long-term.

What's Included With Burn The Fat:

When you sign up for the Burn The Fat program, you’ll receive:Burn The Fat Program

·         The Burn The Fat Program – over 300 pages of scientifically researched info on how to burn fat and build muscle


·         Foods That Burn Fat – learn what foods will help incinerate body fat when you eat them


·         Foods That Turn To Fat – learn which foods to avoid at all costs


·         The A Food B Food Lecture – so you can learn the proper grading system for the foods you’re eating


·         How To Measure Your Body Fat – so you know exactly where you stand at all times


·         Beginner to Advanced weightlifting workouts with detailed descriptions and routines


·         Cardio workouts that include and explain the popular HIIT training methods


·         Free Lifetime Updates


·         Membership to the Fat Loss Inner Circle personal support for added help when you need it

Burn The Fat Pro's:

Burn The Fat is very comprehensive so everyone will have something to learn by reading through it
The diet advice is realistic to follow and something that you could stick with over the long term
The workouts include strength and cardiovascular training and will challenge you on both levels
No long, boring cardio workouts are required
Burn The Fat caters to those of all fitness levels
Excellent nutritional information that will teach you how to eat for optimal results and reveal various foods you could be eating in your everyday diet that are hindering your progress

Burn The Fat Con's:

Some people may find the book very lengthy to get through
This program won’t produce ultra-fast results, but is meant to produce a lean, fit body over time that will prevail over the long term – those seeking a quick-fix program won’t be satisfied
Some degree of meal planning is required, so you’ll have to invest some time for food preparation in your daily schedule – very busy individuals may struggle with this

Burn The Fat Guarantee: Burn The Fat Guarantee

Tom offers an 8-week, no-risk, 100% money back guarantee with this program so if for any reason you are not satisfied with your results, you can return the book and receive a full refund.

Our Opinion: 

If you’re goal is to gain muscle and lose body fat and you are physically able to exercise and push yourself, then Burn The Fat is worth its price 10 times over. Known as the fat loss diet Bible, Burn The Fat has been a best-seller since 2002. While the manual is lengthier to gBurn The Fat Reviewo through and requires a larger time commitment upfront than other fitness programs, this time is well invested.

It’s far better to have too much information than not enough and Burn The Fat lays it all out for you. This program is excellent for those who are looking to build strength as well as lose body fat, so it works on all angles to improve the way your body looks, feels, and functions.

Burn The Fat has earned our highest rating and comes highly recommended. This program however, may not be suitable for people that are not willing to commit to a regular regimen of exercise and diet.


 Burn The Fat Review

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