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Building Muscle For Women

Building muscle for women is very much the same approach for men – the difference lies in the results. And, as with their male counterparts, building muscle for women may have a different meaning depending on an individual’s goals.  

Due to differences in anatomy and metabolism, a woman’s body is not capable of building the massive size seen in male bodybuilders however, a lean and muscular physique is very much attainable.  

Again, the methodologies used for male bodybuilding are the same as building muscle for women and it all comes down to three components:  

11)      Proper diet and nutrition 

22)      Weight and resistance training (weightlifting) 

33)      Adequate rest 

If you’re serious in learning the secrets to building muscle for women, it’s imperative that you incorporate all three of the components above to achieve fast and continuous results.  There are no shortcuts and it takes effort and discipline but the results will begin to show in less than two weeks if you are dedicated.   

Nutrition Tips: 

There are several great sources of excellent information on bodybuilding nutrition such as The Diet Solution Program and The Muscle MaximizerFor the purposes of this article, building muscle for women, you’ll want a diet that has about 25% of the calories coming from protein, 40% from complex carbohydrates and the rest from fats and fiber. This is essential in rebuilding tissues damaged by strenuous workouts.  Stay clear of all processed foods and remember that sugar and fructose are your number one enemies to fat burning so stay away from them as well.  

Dietary supplements that help burn fat and metabolize protein intake should also be considered such as protein powder mixed with raw milk and amino acids. In addition, eggs are an excellent source of biological protein as well as desiccated liver tablets. Wheat germ oil should be ingested for energy and endurance.  

Last tip, try to eliminate or greatly reduce alcohol from your diet as it has a lot of empty, non-nutritional calories and is easily converted to fat. 

Weight lifting tips: Weightlifting exercises for building muscle for women are the same as for men with many different exercises for each body part. You should design a program based upon your current level of fitness and make sure you work each body part – chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs and core (midsection) – to complete exhaustion at least once per week. To prevent stagnation, make sure you change out exercises to “shock” your muscles and vary the amount of weight and number of reps and sets over a four to six week period.  

Because of the differences in upper and lower body shapeliness between men and woman, you may want to consider putting some additional focus on hip flexors and adductor / abductor muscles in the inner and outer thighs. There are great resources regarding building muscle for women. Check out Flavia Del Montes Full Body Licious program to learn more.  


Rest is another important factor in building muscle for women and actually comes in two flavors; 1) getting the proper amount of sleep each night and 2) getting the proper amount of rest for a given body part between workouts. Make sure you don’t workout a given body part more than twice per week and try to have at least 2 to 3 days of rest in between workouts. You may also want to consider “grouping” body parts that work together such as chest, shoulders and triceps on one day and back and biceps on another.  

In closing, building muscle for women is very much the same as for men and requires dedication to the three components mentioned above. We wish you great success in your endeavor to becoming healthier and more fit.