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Bodybuilding For Women

If you're a female who wants to firm and tone your body, researching some of the bodybuilding for women workout programs that are out there will be a smart move. Many females are quick to shy away from anything to do with bodybuilding for women however as they are scared it will cause them to become big and bulky looking.  Bodybuilding for women

This, however, is furthest from the case. What you must remember about bodybuilding for women is that females simply do not have sufficient testosterone levels in their body to develop that large degree of muscle mass.  

Males do and that's what makes them male.  Females however tend to build muscle at just a fraction of the rate a male does and don't usually provide nearly sufficient calories to build muscle at an appreciable rate either.  

So by getting yourself on a bodybuilding for women workout program, what you'll actually be doing is adding more muscle tone and definition, while boosting your metabolism – all things that you likely want.  

So that said, let's go over a few of the bodybuilding for women tips that you should remember.  

Push Yourself With Weight  

The very first thing that will be a must is that you're actually challenging yourself with the weight you're lifting. Many women often go into the gym and if they do perform any weight training, use dumbbells that are far too light.  

Push yourself. Most women can easily lift ten to fifteen pound dumbbells, so if you're currently using the fives, it's time to bump it up.  

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Keep The Volume Lower  

Second, another key thing to remember about bodybuilding for women is that you won't recover nearly as quickly as a male will from your hard workout training sessions, so the overall volume you use should be slightly lower.  

You can't go into the gym and perform 30-40 sets per workout four days a week or you will quickly just burnout.  Again, this comes as a result of the hormonal differences between the genders, so something you must keep in mind when structuring your workout program.  

20 sets will be fine three times a week for great results.  

Fuel Your Body  

Another must-have for female bodybuilding is food. Now, so many women are fearful of gaining body fat hence use ultra low calorie diets.  Remember though, when you're partaking in a regular strength training workout program your metabolism will naturally be running higher, therefore you can take in more food.  

Aim to eat at least fifteen calories per pound of body weight or you may not be seeing the kind of progress that you could.  

Keep Cardio In Check  

Finally, last but not least, also make sure that you keep cardio training in check. Females in particular tend to gravitate to the cardio machines in the gym and when you get on a bodybuilding for women workout program, this could really hinder your progress.  

Keep cardio limited to two to three times per week so you have a good balance between that and your strength sessions. If you do this, you'll be much happier with the end result.  

So there you have everything that you need to know about bodybuilding for women. Don't fear this approach thinking it'll make you look masculine – it actually is the best way to get the dream body you're after.