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Diet and Nutrition: Bodybuilding & Fat Burning Diets  

Whether your objective is to gain muscle mass or lose weight, proper diet and nutrition play a major role as to how successful you are in achieving your goals. Here, we provide you with simple, easy to use meal plans for bodybuilding diets and fat burning diets. Any training regime that’s not synced with proper diet and nutrition will limit what you can ultimately achieve.  Bodybuilding Diets



Sample Bodybuilding Diets

Due to the heavy breakdown of muscle tissue, bodybuilders require strict bodybuilding diets in order to provide the muscles with adequate nutrition for repair and growth. The bodybuilding diets in this section provide easy to use meal plans that provide the right diet and nutrition to nourish your body and build muscle.  


Men’s Massive Mass Gaining Meal Plan


Women’s Body Toning Diet Plan 





Sample Fat Burning Diets

With nearly 63% of the US adult population either overweight or obese, it’s no wonder the weight loss and diet pill industry thrive. Starvation diets can actually cause you to gain weight, lose much needed muscle mass and can even lead to long term health problems. 


Our fat burning diets and meal plans do just the opposite. With proper diet and nutrition, you’ll actually get plenty to eat and see quick results with these healthy fat burning diets.  


Women’s fat Loss Diet Plan 


Men’s Fat Loss Diet Plan 


Short on Time Fat Loss Meal Plan 


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4 Cycle Fat Burning Solution


Shaun Hadsall

Shaun Hadsall

New Food Macro-Patterning Meal Plans and Interval Sequencing techniques reveal how you can "outsmart" your metabolism and conquer any weight loss plateau.


Shaun Hadsall