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Exercises For The Best Pec Workouts

The largest muscle group in the upper body is the chest muscle or more formally, the pectoralis major. These large slabs of muscle take up much of the upper torso so the best pec workouts will include a number of exercises in order to properly develop the upper, lower, inner and outer areas of the muscle.

Keep in kind that chest muscles are “pushing” muscles so most pec workouts incorporate the pushing motion. And, since your arms and shoulders are closely integrated with your chest, your deltoids and triceps will receive some benefit from the best pec workouts.

Five of the Best Pec Workouts:

Bench Press – The bench press is the most popular of chest exercises and can be executed in a variety of ways using a flat, incline or decline bench. Whether your goal is to simply tune up your chest muscles or pack on mass, the best pec workouts typically incorporate the bench press.  Although the amount of weight, number of sets and number of reps vary depending on your  personal goals, the actual body movement or exercise is the same.  

If using a flat bench and Olympic bar, grip the bar with your hands just a little wider than shoulder width. Lift the weight and slowly lower the bar until it gently touches the middle of your chest and without resting, push the weight back up. This constitutes one repetition. Again, depending on your fitness goals, you might repeat this movement 6 to 12 times and then rest. After resting for 30 to 60 seconds, repeat the movement again – this is known as a set. Some of the best pec workouts might include doing say 3 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions per set. You can vary your workouts and prevent muscle stagnation by using a close or wide grip or by performing the same exercise on an incline or decline bench.

Dumbbell Flys – This exercise focuses on the outer chest muscle and is one of the best pec workouts for defining the chest. Laying flat on a bench, hold a dumbbell in each hand with your arms extended above your chest and palms facing each other. Keeping your elbows slightly bent, slowly lower your arms as if making a half circle until your elbow is parallel o the ground. Keeping your arms out and locked in a bent position, slowly bring the weights back up above your chest – again, in a half circle.  

Cable-And-Pulley Machine – Position the cables on each side of a workout cage waist high.  Grab the handles and with your arms slightly bent, slowly reach up and forward in a circular motion until your hands touch one another. Stop and squeeze your hands together then slowly bring your arms back to the starting position.    

Bent Arm Pullover – Lay flat on a bench with a dumbbell placed on the floor by your head. Using a supine position, reach back and over your head with both arms and pick up the dumbbell by clasping both hands together, palms up on one end of the dumbbell. Keeping both arms bent, slowly bring the dumbbell up and over your chest in a circular motion. Slowly lower the weight back to the starting position but do not rest or let the weight touch the floor.  


Get one of the best pec workouts by adding a compound exercise. To do this, simply lower the dumbbell down to your chest then back up – like a bench press – before lowering back behind your head in the circular motion.  

Parallel Bar Dips – Using a dip machine, pull yourself up with your arms fully extended and bend your knees into an L position. Lower your body until the back of your arms are parallel with the floor, then push back up. Make sure not to lock or over–extend your elbows when pushing back up. This exercise works the upper and lower chest muscles and is considered on the best pec workouts using only your body weight for the exercise.