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Best Foods For Building Muscle

If you're looking to gain weight as quickly as possible, it's vital that you look into some of the best foods for building muscle. If you're not paying attention to what you're eating and supplying your body with enough of the raw materials it needs to generate this new lean muscle mass, the chances that you make progress are going to be very slim.  

Fortunately, by including the best foods for building muscle in your diet plan, you'll not only perform better in your workouts and recover quickly as well, but you'll also see pounds of new lean muscle added to your frame.  

Let's have a quick look at the best foods for building muscle.  

Dry Oats 

The first of the best foods for building muscle are dry oats. When aiming for weight loss, cooked oats made for the perfect food because they are high in volume, low in calories, and low in sugar.  

Now that you're trying to build muscle though, you want calorie dense foods. That's why you should now be eating it raw like you would any other cold cereal.  

It'll be much more calorie dense this way so you'll be able to fit more food in without feeling overly stuffed or bloated.  

Dried Fruit  

The second must-have food on our list of the best foods for building muscle is dried fruit.  Dried fruit is also very calorie dense compared to real fruit so will help you meet your needs with ease.  

In addition to that it's also high in carbohydrates, so good after a hard workout session to refill the muscle glycogen.  

Toss some dried fruit into a bowl of Greek yogurt for a quick way to add flavor and calories.  

Lean Red Meat  

Lean red meat is the next of the best foods for building muscle that you should be including in your diet regularly. This food is rich in iron, which will be vital for providing the energy you need to get through those gruelling workouts, as well as being an excellent source of calories.  

If you choose grass-fed beef then you're also going to be taking in some omega fats as well, further upping the health benefits this food has to offer.  

While you may have shunned red meat when trying to get lean, now's the time to add it back into your diet plan.  

Cottage Cheese  

Cottage cheese is the next food to make sure you eat daily.  Cottage cheese is also an excellent source of protein and is of the casein variety, so will provide a steady stream of amino acids to the muscles over time.  

Cottage cheese is great right before bed when combined with some natural peanut butter for healthy fats.  Eat this daily for best results.  


Finally, the last food on our list of the best foods for building muscle are nuts.  Nuts are perfect since they're high in calories, high in healthy fats, and provide a small dose of fiber and protein as well.  Whether you want to eat almonds, peanuts, cashews, pecans, or walnuts, make sure you eat them often as a quick snack on the go. Try and mix it up often as this will ensure you get a wide range of nutrients.  

So there you have the best foods for building muscle. Are any of these currently missing on your diet plan?