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The Best Diet For Men

Best diet for menTaking the time to figure out the best diet for men will be important if you're to achieve all the goals that you have set for yourself. The best diet for men will be slightly different for woman, so it's important to note these key differences so that you can adjust your food intake accordingly.  

While both genders will have many of the same requirements, the male body does have certain needs that make it unique so it's going to be very important that the diet you choose to go on is going to address this.  

Let's take a quick look at what the best diet for men will be.  

Slightly Higher In Calories

The very first requirement of the best diet for men is that it is slightly higher in overall calorie count. Since males do tend to have more overall lean muscle mass than females do, this means their basal metabolic rate will be higher right from the start.  

While your average sized female may have a BMR of about 1300-1500 calories per day depending on her current body weight, a male will be higher and come in around 1400-1600 calories instead.  

While this isn't a huge calorie difference, it still is important to note when setting up your diet plan.  

Remember, if you use a calorie intake that is much too low, this will only put you at risk for lean muscle mass and could cause your body to conserve fuel so that you don't lose any fat at all.  Best diet for men

Contain Some Saturated Fat

The second must-have for the best diet for men is that it does contain some saturated fat as well. Many men are quick to cut all the fat from their meal plan thinking that this food contains just too many calories to be in there.  

It's true that fat does contain nine calories per gram so it will add up quickly, but males do still need to take it in.  

Most of the time you should be focused on unsaturated sources of fat as these are going to be what puts you in good overall health standing, but the males in particular who are seeking fat loss will also want to include some saturated fat as well.  

Saturated fat is going to be what keeps their testosterone up higher so that they can maintain all their lean muscle mass while on their fat loss diet.  

If testosterone drops, this is what could in fact cause a significant decline in muscle mass retention.  

More Protein

The final thing that the best diet for men needs to have in place is slightly more protein. Since males do have that extra lean muscle mass to support, this lean muscle will have the higher protein requirements.  

Again, you aren't going to see a huge difference here between males and females but the male should up his intake closer to the 1.5 grams per pound of body weight mark for sure. This is to be on the extra safe side and make sure that muscle you worked so hard to build is safeguarded.  

So there you have everything that you need to know to create the best diet for men. If these are all in place, you will be on track to seeing fast and safe weight loss.