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Back Workouts

Developing a strong back is important for creating a well rounded physique. Some people have a tendency to overlook their back workouts and focus instead on other primary muscles like chest and arms, but this is a big mistake.  

By working the back muscles you'll develop a V-shape look, which is going to help create the illusion of a slimmer waist for females and a more muscular and powerful upper body for males.  

The following back workout combines some heavy weight, low rep exercises with some lighter weight, higher rep movements to give you the best of both worlds and ensure the best back development. When performing your back workouts, always make sure to think of squeezing directly from the back muscles themselves to ensure that you're targeting the muscles correctly.  

While some bicep muscle activation will occur regardless of what you do, you ideally want to minimize this so that you can have a full concentration just on those back muscles.  

Aim to perform this workout twice per week, either on its own or along with other upper body movements.  

 Exercise Sets Reps Rest
 Barbell Rows 4 5 3 minutes
 Pull-Ups 3 8-12 2 minutes
 Lat Pull-Downs 3 10 2 minutes
Single Arm Rows 2 12 1 minute
 Shrugs 2 15 30 seconds