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Advanced Muscle Building Workout                                              Print this page    

If you’re an experienced bodybuilder and are bored with your current approach, it may be time to consider a few strategies to take your workout up to the next level.  

Our Advanced Muscle Building Workout will do just that. We've taken the beginners workout program and upped the ante by adding in the principles of drop sets and supersets, two advanced techniques that help accelerate muscle gains so you can get to your end goal faster. With supersets, you’ll perform both exercises back to back without any rest until both are completed.  

For drop sets, perform the first set at the weight you normally would and then immediately drop the weight by five to ten pounds and do a second set. Once that set is complete, drop the weight one more time and do a third.  

These techniques are quite intense however, so be sure that you're resting well between sessions for full recovery and also feeding your body properly. If you aren't taking in the nutrients you need, your body may not keep up with the demands of this program.  

The workout has been divided into two upper body days and two lower body days to give you a little more time to specialize on each area of the body. Be sure to use a weight that fully challenges you by the time you're finished your set without sacrificing good form.  



 Exercise Sets Reps Rest
 Bench Press 4 8 2 minutes
 Barbell Row 4 8 2 minutes
 Incline Bench Press 3 10 90 seconds
 Lat Pull-Down  3 10 90 seconds
 Bicep Curl Supersetted w/Tricep Kickbacks 10 45 seconds
 Lateral Raise Supersetted w/Front Raise 3 12 45 seconds



 Exercise Reps Sets Rest
 Squats 4 8 2 minutes
 Lunges 4 8 2 minutes
 Leg Extension Supersetted w/Leg Curl 3 10 90 seconds
 Seated Calf Raise Supersetted w/Standing Calf Raise  3 12 90 seconds
 Lying Leg raise Supersetted w/Reverse Crunch 3 12 45 seconds


Wednesday - Off or light cardio training


 Exercise Sets Reps Rest
 Bench Press 5 5 2 minutes
 Horizontal Row Drop Set 2 8-8-Until Fatigue 90 seconds
 Shoulder Press Drop Set 2 8-8-Until Fatigue 90 seconds
 Pull-Ups 3 10 90 seconds
 Hammer Curls Supersetted w/Rope Press Downs 3 12 45 seconds
 Upright Rows Supersetted w/Reverse Fly's 3 12 45 seconds



 Exercise Sets Reps Rest
 Leg Press Drop Set 8-8-Until fatigue  2 minutes
 Deadlifts 5 5 2 minutes
 Leg Extension Supersetted w/Leg Curl 3 10 90 seconds
 Step-Ups 4 15 90 seconds
 Front Plank Supersetted w/Side Plank 12 45 seconds


Week-end - Off or light cardio training