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20 Minute Muscle Pumping Workout

If you're looking to increase your muscle definition and get a more muscular appearance, you'll definitely want to try our 20 minute muscle pumping workout.  

This workout is designed to help enhance blood flow to the working muscle tissues, therefore increasing vascularity and really helping you look like you're in great shape.  

The 20 minute muscle pumping workout is an instant energy booster as well, so use it when you need a quick workout on the go to help keep you going throughout your day.  

In order to achieve the 20 minute time span, all rest breaks will be reduced to 15-60 seconds, so make sure that you stick to these as closely as possible.  It's not only important in terms of achieving the 20 minute time period, but also to get the full muscle pumping effects.  

Alternate between workout A and workout B as you go throughout the week, taking one or two days off in between each session.


Workout A  

 Exercise Sets Reps Rest
 Superset: Bench Press w/ Bent Over Barbell Row 2 12 60 seconds
 Superset: Lateral Raise w/ Front Raise 2 12 45 seconds
Superset: Leg extension w/ Hamstring Curl  2 15 30 seconds
 Superset: Barbell Curl w/ Tricep Extension 2 15 30 seconds
 Superset: Hanging Leg Raise w/ Reverse Crunch 2 20 15 seconds


Workout B  

 Exercise Sets Reps Rest
 Lunges 2 12 60 seconds
 Superset: Push-Ups w/ Pull-Ups 2 12 45 seconds
Superset: Upright Row w/ Reverse Fly  2 15 30 seconds
Superset: Leg Extension w/ Hamstring Curl  2 15 30 seconds
 Superset: Bicep Hammer Curl w/ Dips 2 15 30 seconds
 Superset: Decline Twisting Crunches w/ Plank 2 20/30 second hold 15 seconds